You are curious about the experience I've gathered so far? Here we go:

In July 2001 I started working for Levigo Software in Holzgerlingen near Böblingen as a Software Developer. Since the focus of my course of studies was not mainly Software Engineering and Programming, that was quite a challenge for me and I really appreciate the patience of my boss. :-) The thing I enjoy most about it is the constant development of experience and knowledge every single day.

I started my first job after university of applied siences with Hewlett-Packard in August 1999 as a Windows NT Platform Engineer. When Agilent Technologies was founded in November that year, I became part of the department European Systems Operations. In that part of the organisation we were responsible for maintaining and building up Agilent's European Windows NT Server Infrastructure. It was a great job for a start, but after a while I realized that maintaining and administering servers was not really what I wanted for a longer term employment.

I graduated in Business related Computer Science at Reutlingen University in February 2000. Basically I was waiting for being graduated for almost half a year, because I finished my diploma thesis much earlier. So I immediately started working after finishing the thesis. The topic of the thesis was to develop a JDBC 4 driver for a database system called dtF/SQL and a small Java database browser for a company called sLAB in Boeblingen. That was one of the most salutary parts of my course of studies.

So far, the course of studies has been part of the best time of my life. To be more specific: I spent a great time during my internship - which is part of the course of studies - in the US with Subtechnique and Agris Schoen Vision Systems. Until that point I didn't have much knowledge in networking. But that changed. I was responsible for maintaining Subtechnique's Windows NT based network and I had the chance to build up Agris Schoen's network from the scratch.

Spending six months in the States was of course not only forming my skills. It was a cultural experience I don't want to miss.

The formal organisation of the internship was provided by Carl Duisberg Society. You can find pictures of my time abroad on the next pages.