These are the pictures I took on our latest trip to the Old South of the US when we picked up my brother at the end of May 2002.
Lilli and I started the trip in Washington, DC and Alexandria, VA, where we spent a lot of time during our internships. This included a visit to my former host companies Subtechnique und Agris-Schoen Vision Systems. After we picked up my brother in Chapel Hill, NC, the round trip started.
Of course there was a lot of sightseeing on the trip. We did some hiking in the woods and swamps, visited various bigger cities like Atlanta, Memphis and New Orleans. And finally found time to relax at the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico.
Visiting the old mansions and plantations was an interesting experience - as all the wealthiness was built on the shoulders of slaves.
The pictures shown here are color slides in their original. This time I made sure to bring enough slide film rolls. The slides were scanned with my old Epson FilmScan 200.
What I especially liked about this vacation was the variety of activities we had during the trip. On our former US trips we always had trouble being able to relax from the long journeys at the end. This time we found a very nice place to do so: Destin, Florida. And don't bother me with Myrtle Beach - it's really not that good... If you have a chance to choose - pick Destin!