Here are some pictures of our vacation to Crete, Greece in May 2001. This was our first all-inclusive vacation. Because we tried to avoid mass tourism as much as possible, the journey became a very nice mixture of relaxing at the hotel pool and trips to cultural sites all over the island.
The history of Crete is at least 9000 years old. You may already know Crete as the island of the gods from the greek mythology.
Countless archeological sites can be visited on the island. Well known sites like Knossos and Malia are definetely worth a trip. The charming part though starts with visits to the less known sites where the remainings of the old cities are idyllically embedded in the beautiful landscape.
Nice old towns like Chania and Rethymnon experienced the influence of several different cultures. That is one of the facts that makes exploring the old cities so interesting.
The pictures shown here are color slides in their original. I had the lab digitize and store them on a Kodak Photo CD. The images were then resized and converted into the JPG format.